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  • Optical instrumentation for astronomy (CFHT, GEMINI, OMM, NTT, TMT, …)
  • Lenses for medical imagery (confocal microscopy, endoscopy…)
  • Cryogenic Cameras (cryostat, spatial and lunar environments)
  • Military systems (displays, glasses, eyepieces, (bi-ocular), viewfinder, IR cameras, Panomorph cameras)
  • Deformable mirrors (adaptive optics, wavefront sensors)
  • Large-angel correction for fixed mirrors
  • Visible & IR zoom (1.3 to 10X)
  • Metrology (interferometry, colorimetry, radiometry, MTF, …)
  • CGH, computer generated holograms for optical characterization
  • Aspheric surface characterization
  • Optical fiber coupling
  • Achromatic prisms for optical scanning
  • Robust telescopes for LIDAR
  • Anamorphic objectives for periscopes
  • Immersive projector lenses (dome)
  • Distortion control
  • Evolutionary algorithms for optimisation of optical systems
  • Optical tolerance definitions
  • Wavefront coding
  • High performance optical coatings (Fabry-Perot, BS, AR)
  • Stray light analysis, suppression strategies (black paint, anodization,…)


  • Optikos lenscheck VIS test bench
  • Trioptics OptiSpheric, OptiSurf and OptiCentric test bench
  • Optical Perspective Group point source microscope
  • Zygo Mark GPI-XPS interferometer
  • ESDI Intellium H2000 interferometer
  • Stellarnet inc green wave model GW-VIS spectrometer
  • Agilent technologies model CARY 5000 UV-VIS-NIR spectrometer
  • Dektak 150 stylus contact profilometer
  • Olympus STM6 inspection microscope
  • FEI model Quanta 3D FEG SEM/FIB microscope
  • Veeco dimension V scanning probe microscope
  • Leybold SYRUS-PRO-710 Advance Plasma Systems (APS) thin film deposition system
  • Intlvac Nanochrome thin film deposition system
  • Thermal deposition system
  • Electron Beam Physical Vapor Deposition (EBPVD) thin film deposition system
  • Metricon prism coupler mline model 2010/M
  • Horiba-Jobin-Yvon Uvisel/460 spectroscopic ellipsometer
Detailed list with specifications

Project examples

SPIRou Infrared SpectroPolarimeter

The team was involved in the optical design of the velocimeter and the high-precision spectropolarimeter for the Canada-France Hawaii telescope. This included a study of tolerancing and optical performance, as well as alignment of the camera-sensor system.

IMAKA Wide-field adaptive optics

IMAKA is a novel instrument concept for wide-field AO to be installed on the Mauna Kea in Hawaii. The instrument can deliver high-resolution astronomical images with fields of view of several arc-minutes. Our team is involved in its optical design.

LED-based road illumination systems

The project consists in ray-tracing based optical design for road illumination systems, so as to minimise light loss and optimise uniformity, while respecting proper norms.

Industrial internship training

Thanks to numerous collaborations between the chair and its industrial partners, several industrial internships are offered to LRIO students. Several Msc and PhD students have collaborated with an industrial partner, thus allowing them to work both at the University and the participating company. This is an excellent opportunity for the student to perfect their skills in an industrial research environment.