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Prof. Simon Thibault, PhD, Eng.

Full professor and Director of the Department of Physics, Engineering Physics and Optics at Université Laval, Simon Thibault obtained his bachelor's degree in engineering physics in 1994 and a master's degree in physics in 1995 from Université Laval (Quebec). He obtained his PhD in 1998. Fellow of Optica (formerly OSA) (2021) and Fellow of SPIE (2018), he is involved in several Optica and SPIE conferences. As such, he will chair the next edition of the International Optical Design Conference (IODC), which will take place in Quebec City in June 2023. For a few years, he is an associate editor for the journals Optical Engineering and Optics Express. Since 2008, Simon Thibault is the chairholder of the NSERC Industrial Research Chair in Optical Design. With a budget of more than $500K per year, the Chair's activities focus on the development of advanced optical systems and optical design techniques, and fabrication and characterization methods. The Chair is integrated into the Optical Engineering Research Laboratory (LRIO) which he has also directed since 2008. He currently acts as scientific manager for the manufacture of optical components (diamond turning and polishing of free form optics). Prof. Thibault is the author and co-author of more than 30 patents and more than 300 communication techniques in conferences and journals in optics.

Denis Brousseau, PhD
Research associate

Expertise: Lens design, metrology, astronomical instrumentation, adaptive optics

Anne-Sophie Poulin-Girard, PhD
Research associate

Expertise: Optical engineering, computer vision, metrology, optical testing

Hugues Auger
Senior technician

Expertise: Fabrication, instrumentation, optical test, assembly and characterisation, thin films, microfabrication

Guillaume Allain
PhD student

Project: Development of bio-inspired optical systems

Samira Arabpou
PhD student

Project: Title to come

Jeck Borne
PhD student

Project: Modeling the optical properties of a metasurface in the context of optical desing

Christopher Bouillon
Master's student

Project: Metasurfaces - extended theorical modelisation and mathematical development

Julie Buquet
PhD student

Project: Study of the influence of non-linear distortion of wide angle images on convolutional neural networks for depth estimation

Tristan Chabot
PhD student

Project: Optical design of image slicers applied to spectroscopy

Jason Guénette
PhD student

Project: Modal wavefront sensor concept using photonic crystals and nanostructures

Farbod Jahandar
PhD student

Project: VROOMM: Design of a high-resolution optical spectograph for l’Observatoire du Mont-Mégantic

Ophélie Légaré
Master's student

Project: Onboard optical system for atmospheric turbulences analysis on a stratospheric balloon

Béatrice Lessard-Hamel
Master's student

Project: Development of an in situ micro-organism imaging system in sea ice

Félix Lévesque-Desrosiers
PhD student

Project: Towards automatization of snow properties measurements

Paul Parant
PhD student

Project: Reduction of the design constraints of digital holographic microscopes by the numerical correction of their aberrations

Sédick Rabia
PhD student

Project: Study, characterization, development, and optimization of experimental setups for 3D imaging with the support of optical design

Maxime Royer
PhD student

Project: Thermodynamic analysis of HII regions with the help of Monte-Carlo code and the SITELLE instrument

Koichi Watanabe-Brouillette
Master's student

Project: Characterization of a stratospheric balloon-borne EMCCD sensor for space debris detection