Available positions

Several projects are currently available for students of all cycles and various fields of science and engineering. The LRIO team is committed to creating an environment that favours the development of technical and professional skills. The technical and professional staff offers students the support and help they need to complete their projects in an environment where collaboration is encouraged.

Studying at LRIO:
Leading-edge research and development projects
Dyanmic and cohesive team
Access to world-class infrastructure
Proximity with industry and partners
Personnalized training and supervision

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There are no internship positions available at this time. Internship opportunities will be posted in January for the summer semester, May for the fall semester and September for the winter semester.

Master's projects

Please note that not all of our projects are displayed. We encourage people wishing to benefit from an exploration phase to select a project at the begining of their Master's program to send us their application by email.

Machine learning techniques to solve optical design challenges
Innovating project for a person with a background in optics-related field, skills in programming and interest in machine learning
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Design and implementation of a testing and validation optical phantom device for ocular oximetry
Research and development project in the field of medical instrumentation in collaboration with Zilia)
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Development of a digital platform to calibrate, optimize and evaluate a computer vision system
Industrial master's project aiming at product and processes improvement
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PhD Projects

You would like to pursue a PhD in the LRIO team? Do not hesitate to contact us.. We have projects available all year round.