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Several courses related to the LRIO’s research activities are offered at Université Laval.
The most notable are:

  • Introduction to optical design - PHY-7043/GPH-4101
  • This course’s goal is to display the issues concerning the use optical components. Once the course is finished, the student should know how to design, organise and validate an optical system and how to use optical design software. After a quick introduction, the course addresses geometrical optics, optical materials, aberrations, image quality and optical system design.

  • Optical Design - PHY-7096
  • This course centers on understanding, analysing and correcting optical aberrations created by a variety of optical systems. The focus is put on practical understanding of optical design and the use of optical design software tools. This is done through a series of projects concerning the optimisation of several optical systems.

  • Optomechanics - PHY-7100
  • Optomechanics is the field of engineering specialised in the mounting of passive and active optical components. This course centers on understanding, analysing an applying theoretical and practical notions in optical mounting. The focus is on practical understanding of the basics of mechanical design and validation of functional optomechanical systems.

  • Fourier Optics - PHY-7003
  • This course teaches concepts related to Fourier optics to resolve optical diffraction problems. Fourier analysis of linear one and two dimensional systems. Fresnel and Fraunhofer diffraction. Fourier transform & sampling theorems. Spatial frequency and spectral analysis of image formation. Optical signal processing in coherent and incoherent illumination. Spatial filtering. Image reconstruction. Applications.